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Financial Services ERP

Oracle ERP Cloud for Financial Services 

Financial Services companies face a challenging environment with, increased regulation, a quickly evolving market, and considerable digital disruption. Oracle's Cloud solutions offer a range of benefits for Financial Services companies including:

Robust Analytics & Regulatory Requirements

For Financial Services industries that require average balance sheets to meet regulatory requirements, General Ledger provides the ability to track average and end-of-day balances, report average balance sheets, and create custom reports using both standard and average balances. Both standard and average balances are stored in the multidimensional data model that is automatically synchronized to allow you to quickly analyze and report on average balances daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.


Controlling who can access specific functions and data is critical for any software deployment but even more so in Financial Services. Unauthorized access can lead to deliberate or inadvertent fraud. Oracle Financials Cloud delivers a robust security model that is pervasive across all levels: the application, middleware, and database levels. All delivered job roles leverage role-based access control combined with segregation of duty policies that determine which functions and data a job role can access.

Optimize the Back Office

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service supports multiple productivity tools that help you capture transactions with greater efficiency and lower costs for resource-intensive tasks without compromising controls. Oracle Fusion delivers extensive spreadsheet integration across multiple finance functions, allowing finance users to work in a familiar environment. Spreadsheets are seamlessly integrated with the applications for high volume data entry and one-click uploads.

In addition, all reports and transactional tables can be exported to Excel for further analysis and easier viewing of large amounts of data.

Mobile & Collaborative

The Oracle Fusion Financial Reporting Center provides a single location to securely distribute and access reports based on real-time accounting information, complete with drill-downs to live transactions. Board quality financial statements and departmental reports can be viewed in the user’s preferred format – HTML, PDF, or MS Office. CFOs can export financial statements to MS Office products, such as PowerPoint, Excel or Word, and refresh the results within those desktop applications with a single click. Self-service reports are available on any device: both desktop web browser and tablet optimized reporting are available with the Mobile Financial Reporting Center, delivering reports anytime, anywhere.

Reports are integrated with Oracle Social Network which allows users to open up communications to discuss the contents of a report and promotes teamwork during the financial reporting review process.

Redfaire Financial Services ERP Experience

Redfaire has worked with leading Financial Services companies in Europe, helping them to maximize their back-office processes and optimize their reporting and procurement.

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