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Commodity Trading ERP

Commodity Trading Software for JD Edwards ERP

If you produce and process raw materials (commodities) or sell finished goods that rely heavily on commodities then you will benefit from this fully integrated, Oracle Validated, Commodity Trading and Risk management Solution.

The solution will allow you to work more efficiently and offers you a chance to replace many manual processes and specific developments with an “out-of-the-box” solution.

What’s more, the solution has achieved Oracle Validated Integration, so you don’t have to worry about integration issues.

The solution, which has been built by ERP & Commodity trading experts, is quick to implement and offers a range of industry-specific functionalities and preconfigured processes, documents, and reports, based on best practice in Commodity Trading.


Features & Benefits of the CTRM solution for JD Edwards

This fully integrated CTRM software will help you to optimize:

  • Buying & selling of commodities 
  • Warehousing
  • Dispatch, transport, and trading of commodities. 

By leveraging the power of JD Edwards ERP & Oracle BI you will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily access real-time operational data 
  • Monitor all your trading activities and contractual obligations

Basic processes such as administration and finance, distribution, quality management, logistics and manufacturing (roasting of soya beans, processing of agricultural products or vegetable oil) are fully integrated into this single solution.

The solution address the whole lifecycle of your Commodity Trading contracts, from first settlements with your suppliers to the final integration into your financials. Other benefits include:

  • Analysis: Settlement with suppliers based on deviations in quality
  • Currency Contracts: Process positions at the current exchange rate and in your ledger.
  • Flat Purchase contracts: Monitor all receipts and/or commodity transport per ship, lorry or silo
  • Future contracts: Monitor all your futures per trading day, commodity future or delivery month.
  • Inventory management: Make comprehensive use of the extensive functionality for lot control and tracking & tracing to retain insight into your entire supply chain
  • Position management: Comprehensive insight into your economic, premium and currency positions
  • Premium contracts: Fix optional premium contracts and combine these with futures contracts 
  • Sale contracts: Get comprehensive insight into contract profits and costs, including long-term prices and exchange rates.
  • Risk management: Value all your contracts at current market prices.
  • Determine profit: Comprehensive insight into your day-to-day transactions and position results, based on all positions and trading contracts.
  • Weighbridge interface: Link your physical inventory to outstanding contracts for delivery management and customer invoicing

CTRM Integration with JDE EnterpriseOne

The Commodity Trading & Risk solution is fully integrated with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The integrations are either done directly or through EDI. Addresses, customers, and suppliers are directly integrated CTRM information is added Item master and lot information is directly integrated Purchase orders and receipts are created via EDI processing. Sales orders are also created via EDI processing, standard invoice print program is used to create invoices. Quality and test information is directly integrated.


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