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Oracle BPM - Business Process Management

Oracle Business Process Management - An Overview

Efficient business processes can really give you an edge over your competition. Oracle BPM helps business users and IT to "speak the same language" and work together more efficiently to drive operational excellence. This video is a good summary of the benefits of Oracle BPM.

Oracle BPM Suite provides full control to business managers from design to execution. Web-based Process composer lets business users define and optimize processes in collaboration with IT. Process simulation helps identify and eliminate bottlenecks to optimize process designs.

Business users can create rules to enforce business policy, define UI forms, discover business services, and design business data for complete implementation.


Business Process Improvement

To achieve greater responsiveness, business requires visibility and agility for timely decisions and change management. Oracle BPM Suite provides dashboards with pre-designed analytics to monitor the performance of processes. Users can define metrics and service level agreements that are critical for the business. If any metrics are out of bounds, alerts notify the managers for quick actions. 


Oracle Process Accelerators

Oracle Process Accelerators help you to quickly and efficiently achieve process excellence. Oracle Process Accelerators are prebuilt business process software solutions that can be deployed as-is, including key application interfaces, yet conceived and architected to extend to meet unique customer requirements.

Process Accelerators embody Oracle’s best practices: using them as a framework for automating critical business processes can save significant time and effort in establishing a joint Business-IT working model that delivers BPM-based business process solutions.

  • Oracle BPM Horizontal Solutions: There are many low priority business processes that are common to every organization which are not critical enough to require the investment of scarce resources, and that continue to be performed in ad-hoc fashion using email. Although these unmanaged business processes may be less critical, they can still impact organizations with higher costs, reduced productivity, and limited visibility and agility. Examples include travel request management, document routing and approval, and requesting internal services. Others reflect common patterns driving process improvement initiatives, such as employee onboarding. Oracle Process Accelerators have been developed to simplify managing these types of processes. These common or horizontal process solutions can be deployed ‘as is’ in many organizations, or they can be extended to meet additional needs.
  • Oracle BPM Vertical Solutions: Oracle Process Accelerators for the industry are typically more complex and pertain to a specific industry, although their utility may cross industry boundaries. These solutions embed the knowledge of Oracle domain experts as well as partners and customers that participate as design partners. Some Accelerators are entirely based on the BPM Suite, while others integrate services provided by Oracle Applications. Oracle Process Accelerator for industry encompasses the business requirements for a critical industry process. They embed both IT/development and business/industry best practices. Implementing organizations use Industry Process Accelerators as a starting point from which to add their own ‘secret sauce’, or differentiating best practice, and flexibly evolve the solution to maintain a competitive advantage. Using Oracle Process Accelerators for the industry as a framework for automating critical business processes can save significant time and effort. 


Oracle JD Edwards & Oracle Business Process Management 

Oracle Business Process Management and Oracle Fusion middleware enable you to leverage your current JD Edwards ERP Investment. In these competitive times, it isn't enough just to "run the business",  you are also expected to grow the business and in the age of digital, to transform it.

By using Oracle Fusion Middleware, you can generate short-term value while at the same time modernize for the long term. It allows you to extend and enhance your current applications.

Redfaire has built a fully integrated AP Automation solution for several Oracle JD Edwards customers, leveraging the technology of Oracle ADF, BPM, and Oracle WebCenter Content. Using Oracle BPM ensured that the JD Edwards AP Automation solution could be up and running quickly.


Why Use Oracle Fusion Middleware with Oracle JD Edwards? 

  • Oracle technology products are engineered and tested to work with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Great licensing with Oracle Technology Foundation 
  • Oracle Application Server is easy to install and configure
  • Simplicity: Oracle can be a single-source vendor for applications, database, and middleware
  • Adopting Oracle Fusion Middleware now prepares the path to Fusion Applications.

Learn more about Oracle BPM and Oracle JD Edwards 

White Paper: Why Oracle Fusion Middleware is the Best Middleware for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 

Oracle.com: Oracle Business Process Management 

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